Bio: MUSIC CHANGED MY LIFE! Do you remember the song “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life?” Who would have known that it would soon ring true for a young Austrian man? Hailing from from St.Pölten, Austria, AlfVsAlf is a bit of a “miracle” DJ. At the tender age of 14, Alf followed his passion for cooking by going to school to study the culinary arts. By the age of only 16, he was already working in one of the top restaurants in St.Pölten, Austria, Restaurant Galerie. Alf knew he was destined for greatness. He seemed to have the world at his feet. Cooking was his calling. A harrowing event would soon take place that would change his life forever. In 2005, he was walking his dog Lord. Out of nowhere, a drunk driver came barreling towards them. His dog pushed him out of the way and prevented him from going under the car. Alf was seriously injured and he remained in the hospital for quite some time. Fourteen days later, they told him that his dog did not survive. If his dog had not pushed him out of harm’s way, he would have surely died. By looking at Alf today, you won’t see too many of his physical injuries. Besides losing most of the sight in one eye, the psychological scars of that horrific day will haunt him forever. The accident left Alf devastated, wondering why his life was spared and what was his purpose in life. Though he was a young father, and an aspiring chef, he knew that something was missing. Since the accident, Alf was never the same. He had lost his passion for cooking and his overall zest for life. Though he was still living, he felt dead inside. Alf had always loved music. His favorite artist was 80′s superstar Falco, to whom he bears a striking resemblance. For nearly 15 years, it was his secret passion to become a DJ. However, he never had the means nor the motive. One day in 2011, while listening to his favorite DJ, Tiesto, he had an epiphany. “I want to DJ and produce records like Tiesto!” That day would be the day that would forever change his destiny. He followed his heart and enrolled at the Pioneer DJ Academy in Austria. There he learned how to produce music as well. He discovered that by playing the music he loved, that he could overcome any obstacle. Alf now has a new lease on life. His mission in life is clear, he would share his love of the music that saved his life with the world. In only a few short years, Alf has become quite a popular name in the Austrian club scene. His debut record AlfVsAlf -M.C.M.L (Music Changed My Life) will be released soon. These days, Alf is on top of the world. Not only did Alf get his groove back, but he is cooking again. Alf has ideas for a reality TV show called DJ- Cooking. By combining his two loves, cooking and DJing, (with a nice dose of humor thrown in for added spice), Alf believes that his idea could be really big. Though his favorite food is Asian, especially Sushi, Alf is a big meat lover, he especially enjoys making one of his favorite dishes gebratene gans ( goose). When Alf is not making music or cooking, you can find him walking in the mountains or enjoying holidays at the beach with his girlfriend, his dog Versace and his 13 year old son Michael. Though music really did change his life, one book really put things into perspective for him, The Celestine Prophecy. The Celestine Prophecy is a novel by James Redfield, that discusses various psychological and spiritual ideas which are rooted in many ancient Eastern Traditions and New Age spirituality. Alf wants to give back to the world. He is grateful for his life, his loves and his family. Recently, he donated his time and money to several worthy causes like Saint Anna Kinderspital, to help children with Cancer. He also lent his support to One Billion Rising, an organization that proudly boasts that they are ” The Biggest Mass Global Action To End Violence Against Women & Girls In The History Of Humankind”. Right now, as we speak, Alf is donating his time to help the victims of a tragic flood in Austria. If you ask yourself why I am as I am – it is because I finally decided to be happy, I always fight for my dreams. MUSIC CHANGED MY LIFE “…Alf. Alf’s favorite DJ’s are Tiesto, Len Faki, Armin Van Buuren, Swedish House Mafia, Hardwell and Mauro Picotto. His favorite songs at the moment are Armin Van Buuren “This Is What It Feels Like” and Pink “Just Give Me A Reason”.

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